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When should I book?

-Its best to book during your pregnancy. But I keep room in my schedule for newborns! Feel free to contact me even after your little one has made their arrival!


How long do sessions last?

-A full newborn session can last up to three hours, while a mini newborn session generally lasts 1-1.5 hours. I let baby run the show and allow for feeding breaks as needed! Some babies sleep the entire time and let me pose them. Others decide to be awake and check out a new place. Either way I take my time and listen to babies cues!


What is a wrapped mini session?

-A wrapped mini session is perfect for parents who don't want a full session or are on a budget. Baby will be wrapped majority of the session and we will do a variety of poses. These sessions are just as customized with a variety of colors and props. If you have a specific request, please let me know in advance!

What age is ideal for a newborn session?

-Newborns are best photographed between 5-14 days old! But I never turn away a squishy baby! I will photograph babes as old as 6 weeks! But the older the babies get the harder it is to pose them. Wrapped Mini sessions are perfect for older babies because there is less movement. 

How long until we see final photos?

-My turnaround is two weeks! I do however send a sneak peek before you receive your final images!

What should we wear?

-Steer clear of bright colors, patterns, and logos for parent and sibling shots! Neutrals are timeless and always work well. Whites, creams, tans, and even pastel colors look great. 

What should we bring?

-I have everything you need for your session! If bottle feeding bring an extra bottle just in case your little one is hungry. If there is anything specific that you would like to incorporate into the session feel free to bring that as well. Just let me know ahead of time! This might include dads uniform, moms wedding veil, or a special wrap or blanket. 


-Don't worry about keeping baby awake before the session. They almost always fall asleep on the car ride over! 

-Please feed baby before you leave. If they need a little extra before we get started then its not a big deal! We have time. 

-Not all babies will go into every pose and I wont force them. I am trained in newborn safety and I have your little ones best interest. 

-Dress in cool clothing! My studio can get pretty toasty because a warm environment is best for the session. The heater will be on majority of the session, even in the summer! But you are more than welcom to step out for a few minutes. 

-My studio is pretty small and can get tight fast. So we can do parent and sibling shots at the beginning, then if dad wants to take sibling to the park or to get an ice cream that is great bonding time! Some families also have friends pick up siblings during the sessions. 

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